Mix and Match My Meals

How can you make it work on nights where one child is in scouts and one has lessons? My answer? Mix and match gluten free meal prep services!

I have ready-to-eatentrees that I can pull out and pop in the microwave. It is easy to prepare dinner ahead by using make-ahead entrees. You just need to cook some vegetables and make a simple salad. This is a way to make a month’s worth of entrees at once. While it’s a long day, you will feel exhausted at the end. However, your freezer will still have enough food for your next meal. There are many cookbooks available that can help you get started. These books will include recipes, grocery lists and even work plans. Grocery stores have great options for frozen entrees that you may not have in your freezer.

Another alternative to frozen, make-ahead entrees would be to bake twice . This includes chicken, turkey, beef, pork roast, chicken and other meats. You can also make meatballs, soups. You can think about all the possibilities when there is a ham in your fridge. The trick to baking once and eating twice is to make every entree unique. There are many options: roasted chicken, then bar-be-que chicken sandwiches or baked ham, then chef salad or potato soup; turkey breast and then turkey tacos; tetrizini; the list goes on.

Quick meals can be made easy with the slow-cooker. Remember to start the cooker in the morning before you go. It has happened to us all that we have returned home to a uncooked dinner from a slow cooker. We forgot to plug it in during rush hour. You can cook most recipes in the slow cooker, provided that the water level is decreased. A slow cooker cooks chicken to my liking. Put the whole chicken in the pot. Add 1/2 cup of water and season with salt and pepper. You can also add carrots, celery, or onion for extra flavor. Slow cookers are great for roasts that have a packet of dry onion soup mixed on the top, and half a cup of water. You can use both roasts and chicken for the bake once-and-eat-twice option.