Things You Should Know About Buying the Perfect Flagpole

This article is likely to have already led you to consider purchasing a telescoping flagpole. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles, prices, and features available online. This article will answer 10 questions that will make flagpole shopping easy. Each paragraph serves as a checklist. To help you make your purchase, feel free to print the following article.

1.) Budget. It is similar to asking for the price of a car: how much does a flagpole cost? The answer is “it depends.” There are many details that go into the price of a flagpole. These include its height, diameter, thickness and shipping methods. A flagpole can be purchased online from as little as $50 up to as much $2,500, depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can buy a decent-quality flagpole kit at a price of $100-$300 for most homeowners. Remember to add for taxes, shipping fees, and contractor fees. If you have your brother in law install it, you can also get a steak on the barbecue.

My budget to purchase a flagpole: $___________.

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. Once you have set a budget you should check for restrictions in your area, such as historic district restrictions and neighborhood regulations, that may restrict the erection or erecting of a flagpole. To determine if your flagpole installation is not in compliance with any codes, you can simply Google the name and code of your county. Some locations have online documentation. There’s usually a telephone number that you can call during normal business hours to talk with someone who can answer your question. This information should be included in any agreement if you are a member of a neighborhood association. You can also call the association to verify. An in-ground flagpole may not be an option. You might still be able consider a wall mounted or post-mounted flag set.

_____ I have restrictions about erecting flagpoles in my area.

_____ Flagpoles cannot exceed _____ feet high in my area.

_ Flagpoles in my area are forbidden, but I am able to install a wall-mounted or post-mounted flag set

3.) Construction. The next thing you need to consider is which type of flagpole are you looking for. In the past, flagpoles were usually made from one piece of steel or aluminum. They are still available, but you can find them today. Telescoping flagpoles, or sectional flagpoles, can be shipped and transported much more easily than their one-piece predecessors. Sectional flagpoles have a tapered end that fits snugly into the section above them. There is usually only a slight seam up close. Each section measures approximately 5 to 6 feet long. Telescoping flagpoles are increasingly in demand due to their easy raising and lowering of the flag, relative low cost, and portability. Optional accessories such as deck mounts, wheel stands and carrying cases allow you to take your telescoping Flagpole to tailgate parties, RV parks, or your boat dock. The biggest advantage of a telescoping flagpole over a single-piece sectional or one piece pole is the lack of clips and ropes around it.